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Crack and Chip Repair

“Unfortunately, windshield cracks and chips will only become worse unt

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Service Description

The Truth About Chips and Cracks!There is one thing for certain about windshield chips. They never get better by themselves! The trick to keeping a windshield chip at the repair stage instead of having to replace the windshield, is your speed in having the chip repaired.And it is important to point out that a chip and its associated cracks are more than just a nuisance. MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) estimates that your windshield provides 30% of your car’s structural strength. In an accident it prevents people from being ejected from the car, it supports the roof in crashes and rollovers, and it helps the airbag system to deploy. So simple windshield chips are actually a real safety issue. And Mother Nature Contributes to the Problem!There are many, many factors that can make a chip start to crack and run across and up and down your windshield. Temperatures are a given. Heat can cause cracks to form from a chip and travel vertically in your windshield. Cold can cause cracks to run horizontally from a chip. Bumps and uneven driving conditions can certainly cause cracks to form and expand as they put additional pressures on the edges of a chip.And of course the worse the cracks become, the less stability and safety your windshield offers to you and your passengers. “We know our customer’s expectations, that’s how we can exceed them.” Call Today for a FREE Quote! Spring: 281-355-7777 Houston: 281-448-8080

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  • 4650 Farm to Market 2920, Spring, TX 77388, USA

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