Our headlight restoration service saves you money and keeps you safe!
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"We can bring dull and clouded headlights back to pristine condition"
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Before and after images of headlight that has been restored to near new condition!

7 Stars Auto Glass Headlight Restoration Service

Dull headlight covers not only take away from the looks of your vehicle, but they can also be dangerous if they become so opaque that they lessen the amount of light that your headlights are designed to produce.

It is a natural oxidation process caused by sun exposure that makes the headlight covers become dull and dingy looking, and we have the products and process to help restore the covers to their original clarity and brightness.

Compare our service at $25 for each headlight (and it comes with a 1 year warranty) to replacing the headlight at $200+, or other major competitors doing restorations at $50+ for each headlight.

Come in and let us brighten up your world!
"We know our customer's expectations, that's how we can exceed them."
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